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Challenges in Offshore wind turbine

Offshore Wind turbine

Offshore wind is a rapidly developing technology where the electricity is produced from the force of wind out at the sea. It is a infinite energy source as we know that wind potential of wind at sea is greater than the wind potential at the shore. This is considered as more efficient than on shore as the wind speed is high with relatively less turbulence and lack of physical interference.

The first offshore wind turbine was installed in Denmark in the year 1991 but has been decommissioned in the year 2017.

There are more than 57GW offshore wind turbines were installed in 18 different countries of which leading countries are UK, China, Germany, Denmark, and Netherlands (as per the MNRE data).

Offshore wind turbines are much larger in size when compared to onshore wind turbines. This can be in the range of more than 10MW per turbine.

India is blessed with lot of wind potential on both onshore and offshore. The recent assessments have identified that there is a availability of nearly 70GW of onshore wind power in the coast of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.




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