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Seeing and seizing opportunities

Every wind turbine project comes with its share of challenges relating to development, implementation and management and requires specific know – how to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Our values

BEing the wind!

Windplus Team Members

Leela Krishnan

Chief Operating Officer

Subramanyam. R.V

Head Projects Construction

Saravana Karthikeyan. N

Head Land & Wind P.D


Head – Commercial

Manikandan. R

Lead Operation & Maintenance 

Viswanathan. C.R

Advisor – Regulatory and Policy

Madhavee Phadke

Lead Evacuation P.D

Manikandan. R

Contracts Management

Nanieshkumar Patel

Asst. R Manager – Projects & AMT

Saravana Kumar. R

Lead Construction (Civil)

Manikandan. T

 Project Support and Quality

Vidhya. R

Asst. Manager – Accounts and C.S

Maheswari Manoharan

Executive – Business Development

Karthik Seguttuvan

Site Manager (BOP – Electrical)


Site Manager

Vivek. R.R

Asst.Manager – HR and Admin

Thalapathi Prabakaran. V

Senior Engineer – Wind & Site

Isverya A.S

Executive Assistant to MD