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Windplus foundation is our company’s commitment to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable means. It is a continuing commitment by business to perform ethically and to contribute for the economic development and sustainable growth of the society at large.

Windplus foundation extends beyond philanthropic activity and entails the company to act beyond statutory requirements and to assimilate societal, environmental and ethical concerns into the WINDPLUS’s vision and mission.


WINDPLUS shall continue to enhance value creation in society through its primary business by providing management Service, Training & Development, Construction, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Wind Energy Projects but widely engaged in Renewable Energy Projects.

The aim of Windplus foundation shall be, to complement the primary business of the company with the overall social and environmental concerns related to its primary business.

Windplus foundation may also take up other social welfare activities which may not be complementary to WINDPLUS’s primary business but fall under the eligible list of activities as per Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 including all amendments issued.

The key objectives of the Windplus foundation Policy shall be:

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Windplus CSR

Unceasing Fiscal Input For The Education Mission – Tribal Children, Maharashtra

Internship Care To An Italian Citizen – Ms. Marino Farina

Skilling And knowledge Upgradation

One Another Milestone In The Journey Of Education Mission

Employment For The Deserved

Aspire to Associate : MoU with Engineering Institutions

Mind Of Wind

Educational Activity

WINDPLUS Private Limited, joined hands with Engineering colleges in grooming them with the required skill sets and the industrial requirements to be readily employable.

Memorandum of understanding signed

Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering, Chennai

Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology, Coimbatore

KGiSL Institute of Technology, Coimbatore

Jai Shriram Engineering College, Tirupur