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The term “Greenfield” refers to the early-stage development of a wind park, which is a quite challenging phase.

Suitable or proposed areas for development of wind projects are investigated, with the aim of assessing the feasibility of a project. Feasibility studies cover the following areas: wind, grid connection, roads, soil conditions and the environment.

The initial phase of Greenfield typically leads to firm agreements with the landowners, a preliminary commitment on final grid connection and the authority’s acknowledgement of the location of the project.

The next step in Greenfield is project design and authorizations. This stage of Greenfield last until all required permits for the implementation and operation of the wind turbine project are in place, not least the crucial building permit, making the project ready-to build.

      • Up to date knowledge of the market.
      • Selection and evaluation of potential locations.
      • Project design and authorizations.

Project Services

Committed to superior quality and results.

Our Project Services cover a wide field of special areas including EPC Management, Project Development Assistance on insourced basis and different kinds of Customized Assistance. All Project Services will be tailor-made according to the needs in the specific project.

Within EPC Management we offer a palette of elements ensuring a smooth efficient development process all the way through pre-construction, construction and commissioning.

The Project Development are based on our great experience and structured on the needs and wishes of the customer. We offer to assist project developers in completing and optimizing the development of projects with the aim of increasing bankability and business case.

We offer a wide palette of flexible Customized Assistance. You can choose one – Or you can mix and match. Through an open dialogue we help identify the key areas where our assistance – experience and knowhow – can make positive difference to your wind power project.

      • EPC Management
      • Project Development Assistance
      • Customized Assistance
      • Project evaluation
      • Due diligence coordination
      • Sales preparation
      • Tendering and contract negotiation